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Summer 2024



This year The Co‑op is once again casting Canadian youth, ages 16 - 30* in a variety of different employment roles this season.   If you are interested in the co-operative movement, or you like to work on projects that impact a greater good for all, then this might be the opportunity for you!

Positions may be in-person, remote or hybrid models, depending on your location.

Please note that you do not need to be a member of The Co‑operative to apply.  If you choose to accept a position with The Co‑operative, you will be expected to join as a professional member upon acceptance of employment**. 

CLICK HERE for ARTISTIC program applications - accepting Round 2 now.

CLICK HERE for Non-Artistic applications

Musician callbacks- Please save the date

Round 2 Callbacks will take place May 24, 25, 26, 2024.

Admin Team Roles

Seeking an opportunity to get some real world experience to go with your education?  

Work cooperatively this summer!


Tech & Production Roles

 Information Technology, through Live & Studio engineering and Audio/Video production- the Tech Team gets it done!


Artistic Team Roles

Emerging Artists, Industry Coaches, Program Coordinators, Music Directors, Session Musicians, and niche roles on this team.



I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am for my experience here. I started here with no real world experience with Human Resources. I was very nervous when I started, but you gave me the confidence to try new things, and made me feel okay about making mistakes, which was very important to me. I am very sure I would not have this opportunity with [redacted], or any opportunity that may follow this, without The Co‑op.

Former HR Director  

May 2021 - Dec 2022

As a young person pursuing a career in the music industry, the Canadian Musicians Co‑operative gave me a solid foundation to start my journey. During my time with The Co‑op I learned a lot of skills that I use in my daily life as an artist manager, and I met an amazing network of other young musicians and industry personnel. While working as a social media manager, I gained knowledge that has helped me to increase listeners and revenue for the artists that I manage. It also developed my skill set in marketing and communications in a way that is relevant to the current industry trends.

Creative Services Team Member

Feb 2020-present

  This organization is absolutely amazing. There is clear support available for employees who identify as disabled, LGBTQ2S, a member of a visible minority group, or other equity-seeking groups. Youth are highly encouraged to take on responsibility and leadership roles to grow their work experience.  I have never felt like my opinions fall on deaf ears. Failure, vulnerability, and courage are lauded as integral parts of the learning process at The Co‑op.

Corporate Services Officer

May 2021 - present

  • Live Performance

  • Songwriting

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Production Management

  • Grant Writing

  • And more!

  • Emerging Artist - Musician

  • Pre-Professional - Musician

  • Program Coordinator

  • Music Director

  • Artistic Director

  • Sideman/Session Musician

  • Music Industry Coach

  • Performance Co-ordinator

  • And more...

Artistic Team Roles

Employees in artistic roles will have the opportunity to develop their skills in:

Some of our current openings include:

  • Content Creation

  • Audio-Visual Production

  • IT Support

  • Audio Engineering

  • Stage Management

  • Data Analysis and more!

  • AV Technician

  • Stage Manager

  • Recording Engineer

  • Recording Assistant

  • Wardrobe Coordinator

  • IT Team Leaders (Cloud/Network)

  • IT Help Desk 

  • Graphic Designer

  • Industry Mentor

  • And more...

Technical & Production Roles

Employees in technical and production roles will have the opportunity to develop their skills in:

Some of our current openings include:

  • Professional Writing & Editing

  • Communication

  • Team Management

  • Project Management

  • Grant & Policy Writing

  • HRIS, Payroll and more!

  • Human Resources Coordinator

  • Finance Manager

  • Bookkeeper

  • Receptionist

  • Corporate Services / Regional Development Officer

  • Human Resources Assistant

  • Membership Coordinator

  • Customer Service Agent

  • Admin Assistant

  • Team Leaders & Department Heads

  • Education Program Coordinators

Administrative Team Roles

Employees in administrative roles will have the opportunity to develop their skills in:

Some of our current openings include:

Artist applications are accepted through our NEW online portal at 

All other applications can be submitted through our "Get Hired" portal. Please watch for emails coming from them until your application is  fully complete. Returning applicants should use the same email as in previous years. 

Due to the timelines of the application process, and the date of various funding announcements in relation to the beginning of the summer performance season, we proceed to audition, call back and interview potential candidates, and rank all candidates for summer hiring opportunities.   Please note that Performers (Emerging Artists and Pre-Professionals) have an extended process that includes a Callback audition.  This is not applicable to other roles.    All non-artistic positions move from application to interview, without a callbacks process. 


No offers of employment can be extended until we receive notification of our grant application status, typically around the end of April each year.  

* Candidates must be ages 16-30 on their first day of work to meet the criteria for funding for this program. 

** The Co-op is committed to reducing barriers to participation. We have a food support program available, and a process for assessing financial hardship to ensure everyone is able to access our programming equitably. 


Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Where do I answer the Pre-Interview Questions?

After you upload your resume/cover letter in the application, the questions will be visible.  Please make sure to answer all questions or your application will be delayed. 

What is a "constituency"? 

Each funded position is tied to a federal political jurisdiction called a "constituency", also known as a "riding". This is where your work is funded to take place.  

What is a "cohort"?

Sub-grouping of artists or other team members across geo-political borders for online trainings to ensure they are in a team with the other artists who most closely resemble their learning goals, needs and stages of their development.

 I heard you have to be a member to be considered for a summer job.  Is that true?

Definitely not true, To be crystal clear - no preference or ranking points are given to existing members.  Many external adjudicators help rank all applicants to ensure job placements are objective.  

When do the jobs start, and how long are the contracts?  How many hours do I get?

The earliest possible start date is April 24 and the average contract is typically 280hrs up to 480 hrs in length. The largest contract possible is 640 hours, and those are typically reserved for youth team leaders and returning participants in a leadership role. 

When will I find out if I have a job or not?

Most of our summer positions are funded by the Government of Canada. Their funding announcements are in April.  


So as soon as we know, we will be moving forward to make first-round offers.  This is typically towards the end of April each year. 

Where do Summer Emerging Artist Program participants work and participate in training?

In -person training takes place in a variety of different locations in each constituency, depending on the space available and the space needed for each task.  Sometimes we are in a computer lab at a municipal office or library.  Sometimes we are at a theatre for rehearsal, or in a sponsors location.   We perform in a variety of public and quasi-public spaces.  Most training and workshops are done online or remotely.

As a result, for payroll purposes, you will need a mobile device with data.  You use 20 seconds of data to punch in and out each day.  Where WIFI is available, you can also use that instead, but you need data for public locations without WIFI service. 

Why would I want to make minimum wage to do a summer administrative


Great question!  The number one reason why is that you get a great deal of opportunity to REALLY tackle the type of jobs that you have been training for in school.

 A-Team members aren't making coffee - they are actually living their career-goal roles! e.g Using HRM Payworks Software, drafting and editing policies and responding to Health and Safety issues.  You aren't just a small part of a massive team, youth ARE the team.  Of course, we have experts who lead you and teach you how to get these things done, but these positions are really for self-starters who are eager to have the responsibility and demonstrate their competency. "Scope and Scale" is massive here. 

What is BYOD?  (Bring Your Own Device)  Why do I need to do this for a job?

Our summer program isn't like many jobs you might have encountered.  We created this program as a way for young people to get real and valuable job experience in a variety of areas in a short period of time.  We have access to a limited number of low-speed laptops that have been donated to us, and if need be, you will be assigned one of those for your use.


You will likely be much happier using your own device if you have one.  And if you don't have anything to bring, we can facilitate access to a computer at a local library as an alternative.  Bottom line is - we can work something out. 


You Asked, We Answered

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