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Who can apply?

To be considered for a funded position in the Pre-Professional Program, you must:


  • be between 16 and 30 years of age at the beginning of the program

  • be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or person to whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act for the duration of the employment

  • have a valid Social Insurance Number at the start of employment and be legally entitled to work in Canada in accordance with relevant provincial or territorial legislation and regulations.

What's the audition process?

Step 1:

Submit an application online that includes a 2-3 minute audition video and all required supporting materials (see "What should I have ready?"),  or attend a Live Round 1 Audition Date. 

Step 2:

Attend a virtual callback audition that will include a live audition in front of a jury, a short media interview, and a formal job interview. You will be required to learn a piece from a pre-selected list that will be made available 48-72 hours before your audition.

Step 3:

Wait for the call to hear if you've been selected for the Pre-Professional Program!

What should I have ready?

  • Short summary of your career goals for the summer

  • 2-3 minute audition video of a live, unedited performance (original songs preferred)

The Pre-Professional Program program is a summer intensive employment opportunity for youth Canadian musicians at the beginning of their careers. Program participants engage in daily interdisciplinary music business and performance training, and perform multiple times per week in their program location.
Important Information

Time Commitment

Individual funding ranges from 6-8 weeks within the program, and usually has a 30 - 35 hour/week commitment. Participants are expected to be available in the afternoon throughout the week for training, and evening/weekends as scheduled for performance.

​Monday is the common day off for all summer participants. 

There is some scheduling flexibility most evenings and weekends to accommodate existing performance bookings. If you have a questions regarding evening/weekend availability, email

Application Deadlines

Applications submitted by 11:59 PM EST on April 7, 2024 will be guaranteed consideration for the 2024 Pre-Professional Program.


Applications received after this date will still be accepted, and will be considered for Round 2, if additional space is still available in the prorgam. 

Important Dates

Online Application Submission deadlines:

Round 1:  April 7, 2024  (guaranteed consideration)
Round 2:  ongoing if space is available.


Round 1:  April 20 & 21 with limited spaces April 22 & 23

Rescheduled to May 3 - 5th due to high volume of applications.

Round 2:  May 24, 25, 26

Application Questions?

Drop us an email at, and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible!

What's the difference between the Emerging Artist Program and the Pre-Professional Program?

The biggest difference between the two programs is the complexity of content being discussed during training (e.g., preparing for international export vs. booking a show, writing a strategic release plan vs. writing a bio). 3P Artists have a Program Coordinator and additional supports to complete daily work tasks.  Many artists that are new to the co-op benefit from a summer as a 3P Artist to build foundational industry knowledge. 

On an exception basis, 3P Artists may have the opportunity participate in the Showcase Tour.

Can I apply to both the Emerging Artist Program and the Pre-Professional Program?

If you would like to be considered for both programs, only apply for the Emerging Artist Program. There is a field within the application where you can identify you would like to be considered for both programs. To be considered for both programs, you must submit all supplementary application requirements for the Emerging Artist application.

I heard you have to be a member to get a job.  Is that true? 

No preference is given to current or previous members, regardless of whether they have previously been a participant of the Emerging Artist or Pre-Professional Program.

For youth in need, there is a Financial Hardship application which may cover some, or all of your membership fee. 

Returning applicants will be expected to detail their growth following previous completion of the program/previous application cycle.

Where will performances take place? 

Participants animate public spaces and places like town squares, the beach, dock or marina, public parks, community centers, small business openings, charitable events, summer festivals, community celebrations, and other local events.   This is called "Community Engaged Performance" (C.E.P.) and we pay to licence these performances via SOCAN for (C) copyright use.  

Why do I need to bring my own device for this job?

For payroll purposes, you will need a mobile device with data to punch in and out at performance locations without WIFI service. It's a requirement you must maintain throughout your employment. Laptops may be available for participants who do not have reliable access to a computer.

Artists will also be responsible for ensuring they have all the gear necessary for performances in the community (battery-powered amplification is optional, but highly recommended).

What is a "constituency"? 

Each funded position is tied to a federal political jurisdiction called a "constituency", also known as a "riding". This is where your work is funded to take place.  This is the primary location you will physically perform in, however you may be asked to perform in any location indicated on your application. Any approved online digital performances are targeted for delivery to serve your constituency location.

What is a "cohort"?

A cohort is a group of artists who have been identified to have similar learning goals, needs, and stages of their development. Participants spend a large portion of online training time with their cohort group, but still have plenty of opportunity to get to know other artists within the program.

I heard you have a recording studio - is that true?

Digital Livestream Studio/Rehearsal space, and collaborative learn/work at the facility in Barrie, ON is fully open to members and the general public. It provides an opportunity for participants to deliver high quality, professional livestream performances, and collaborate with each other easily.   You can record BTS footage easily with our four ceiling-mounted Sony PTZ cameras.  For audio studio info click here.

I'm still in secondary school.  Can get a credit for this summer work experience?

If your secondary school offers summer co-ops, then you can apply to them to earn a 2 credit summer co-op. You can also apply to your school principal under PPM129 to count your summer learning experience as a business or music credit, or both.  Each credit you apply for must document 110 hours of learning towards a specific course curriculum.

Examples of Ontario courses that fit the program content include BDI3C - Entrepreneurship: The Venture,  BDV4C - Venture Planning in an Electronic Age,  BOH4M - Management Fundamentals, and a variety of Gr 11/12 Music Focus Courses.

I'm a parent of a young performer.  How can I get involved? 

We have lots of parents who volunteer to help run this program.  We are run by volunteers, and there lots of things for folks to do to get involved. Parents are welcome to volunteer from home or in our studio for specific programming.

Parents can also help supervise C.E.P. on weekends, or at events. 

Parents with specific professional skill sets are also highly valued in a volunteer capacity. 

What if I just want to take the trainings, but not complete any of the C.E.P. - Is that optional for me?

C.E.P is the foundation upon which you build your performance chops.  It gives you lots of experience in front of different audiences, and the opportunity to build a lot of judgement and wisdom for other types of gigs.  You can also leverage C.E.P. to create opportunities for festivals, events and other talent buyers to get to know you this year, so you might be considered for their events in the future.   C.E.P. is approximately 50% of your summer employment time and is not optional.  
If you wish to take only the trainings, you can become a member and attend any trainings you are eligible for without compensation. 

I think I'm ready to be an Emerging Artist, but I'm missing assets for the EA Application right now. 

Fortunately, there is an opportunity for 3P artists to demonstrate they have met all of the outcomes of the 3P program in Mid-July, which provides an opportunity for those who were "not quite ready" for the E.A. program in the spring, to complete building assets and demonstrate knowledge of the training program content to be able to apply to be upgraded to E.A. status, mid season. 


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