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Professional Development


Six workshop series and over 100 industry workshops each year on topics relevant to industry and artistry.  Here's some of the usual ones.

We also have a large digital library of many years of workshops delivered by top industry speakers that can be reviewed by Professional Members at the time and on the schedule of their choosing. 

Mastering Your Craft

  • Mastering Your Craft - Vocal Performance

  • Mastering Your Craft - Tom Jackson*

  • Music Theory in Practice

  • Reading Charts

  • Preparing for Rehearsals

  • How to Practice Effectively

  • Songwriting Development

  • How to Arrange Music

Essential Skills

  • Performance 101

  • Cables 101

  • Music Theory 101

  • Basic Social Media Skills for Artists

  • Professional Communication

  • Advocating for Yourself

  • Releasing Music Commercially

  • Making the Most of the Gear You Have (Recording)

  • Making the Most of the Gear you Have (Performance)

  • Stage Presence Fundamentals

  • Workplace Health and Safety

Entrepreneurial Skills

  • Booking Shows/Festivals

  • How to Register Your Business*

  • Social Media Methodology

  • Equipment and Commercial Liability Insurance

  • Building the Right Team

  • Bookkeeping and Taxes as a Artist

  • Writing your Artist Bio

  • FACTOR - Artist Development Grant

Music Industry Overview

  • Understanding Radio​

  • Understanding Performance Rights Organizations (e.g., SOCAN)

  • Understanding Funding Sources (e.g., FACTOR)

  • Understanding Musicians' Rights Organizations (e.g., MROC)

  • Understanding Musicians Unions (e.g., AFM/TMA)

  • Understanding Revenue Streams and Royalties

  • Understanding Record Labels

  • Understanding Publishing

  • Understanding Touring

  • The Big Picture - How It All Fits Together

  • What is a Sideman, and How Do I Become One?

Advanced Music Industry

  • Preparing Your Release for Radio

  • Learning about DMDS

  • Nielsen Soundscan BDS

  • Artwork and Design for your Release

  • Conferences and Networking

  • Regional and National Touring

  • International Touring

  • Applying for FACTOR Juried Sound Recording

Festival Preparation Series

  • Stage Managers Panel

  • Making your Stage Plot and Tech Rider

  • Building an Effective EPK

  • Communicating with Festivals

  • Interfacing with Production

Want to contribute to our Workshop Series?

  • Are you keen to share your expertise with a group of committed youth?

  • Have new material to pilot or strategies you are exploring?

  • Looking to "give back" to the indie artist community?

Click on "Become A Presenter" below and tell us more about yourself!

Waterfall Mentorship

Our organization exists to create a reliable, and accessible network of artists who are eager to learn, share and support each other. At the co-op, not only do you have access to mentors, but also have the ability to mentor others and pass along what you've learned. It's a lot easier to learn together than learn alone.



When you're building out a release strategy or preparing a grant application, we're here to help! You can book a one-on-one meeting with one of our members to help you navigate new territories, or refresh your knowledge.

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