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Welcome to the Co-op!

​We are a group of creatives that help our artistic community achieve excellence together. Our main goal is to reduce the barriers to access that artists face in the 21st Century. To do so, we host world-class professional development workshops for many disciplines within the field of music and its associated industries, create employment opportunities for young artists so they can afford to focus on their careers, and address some of the secondary barriers to success like food insecurity with the No More Starving Artists Program. When we come together, we can do amazing things, so now, we do more together!

Our Mandate

To assist independent artists to overcome barriers, build strong networks, and succeed in building a sustainable self-directed artistic practice that allows them to continue to control their intellectual property, their image and likeness, and digital assets. Our mandate is inclusive of all.


Our membership statistics and the community we serve strongly reflects a diverse population including people with disabilities, women, people of colour, the LGBTQIA+ community, rural and low-income participants, and Indigenous artists.

Our Leadership Team

The Co-op is an organization run by volunteers and people with disabilities, funded in part by grants, sponsorships and membership fees.

If you would like to contribute your time, something from your local business, glittery clothes for the stage, or a monetary contribution, please contact us.

Our Motto

We do more together!

Our Favourite Question

How can I help?

Governance Structure

The Board of Directors and Council of Officers guide the direction of the organization's initiatives to best suit the current membership.

Our Founder's Story

Learn about the inspiration for the Canadian Musicians Cooperative!


If a picture says a thousand words, we've got quite the novel! 

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