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Meet our Audio Production Team

We have a large team of audio producers and engineers with a range of experiences across different genres.

Dawson Viveiros

Dawson is an Audio Engineer and Record Producer based out of Toronto, ON. Having worked with both Juno and Grammy Award winning talent, Dawson has been responsible for co-writing, producing, recording, mixing, and mastering numerous records. Notable works include Ryan Ofei, Skip Waiters, Simon Servida and more. Dawson currently works in the Greater Toronto Area offering his production services to multiple creatives.

Heydon George

Heydon George is a producer/audio engineer specializing in the punk and rock genres as well as recording artists live off the floor, often jumping on the floor to play guitar, bass or drums if the need arises. Heydon works well to meet the artists needs and as well as to create the music that they have stuck in their head.

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Zack Johnson

Zack is an music producer and engineer based out of Newmarket, ON. Having worked in an extensive multitude of genres as well as with a variety of artists, is very well-versed in the music creation and production experience. He is also trained in playing acoustic and electric guitar, bass, drums, as well a several different vocal styles. Zack will always find the best way, and be excited to bring your artistic vision to fruition.

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Patrick Bommarito

Pat Bommarito is an audio engineer and music producer from Hamilton, ON. He primarily works in the pop and hip-hop genres with an ear for creative and contemporary sounds.

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Wesley Covey

Wesley Covey is a Music Producer and engineer based in Barrie, Ontario who specializes in folk, singer-songwriter, rock and alternative genres. With expertise in many instruments such as Piano, Drums, Guitar, and Voice, Wes brings a diverse skill set to every project. Wesley is committed to working WITH his clients to understand their vision for their projects and providing the resources they need to get there. Mr. Covey strives to build the resources and abilities to fulfill any requests his artists may have.

Harley Broughton

Harley Broughton is a Producer - Mixing Engineer from Keswick ON, who is heavily influenced by 70’s & 80’s rock bands. He specializes in Progressive Rock, but alongside Metal, Experimental, Stoner Rock & many other Rock sub-genres. In the beginning of his career, Harley settled into the position of solo artist. In order to pursue the type of music he wanted to make, Harley had to learn to play Bass, Electric Guitar & Keys on top of Drum’s which he was already experienced in. Throughout his musical journey, Harley has experimented with trial and error in his own music productions to advance his own growth as a Producer, Composer, Audio Engineer & Musician. It is because of these experiences, that Harley strives to take the productions that are in his care not just to what is expected, but to the highest standard possible.

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Zach Slater

Zach Slater is a versatile music professional, excelling in producing, audio engineering, and mixing for alt-rock, indie, folk, and singer-songwriter genres. He graduated from the renowned Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology (OIART), celebrated for its talented alumni. With a keen ear and technical expertise, Zach brings artists' visions to life.

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