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The Co-op Studios are located in the basement level of the old General Electric factory in Barrie, ON.

The studios are part of our non-profit organization, providing affordable studio space for musicians of all levels. The studios are equipped with state-of-the-art recording equipment and a team of engineers and producers to fit almost any budget.

All recording pricing includes one resident engineer.  You are welcome to bring additional personnel, or choose from our roster. 


The Canadian Musicians Co-operative is committed to providing a supportive and creative environment for musicians to grow and develop their Artist-Entrepreneur business to be successful, sustainable and ready for future investment opportunities. 

Studio A

Studio A is a 24 x 24 ft black box-style room with alternating air-gapped absorption and diffusion panels.  The floor surface is 5mm stage mahogany, coated in Roscoe Stage Black, floating on a layer of acoustical Green Glue(TM).    Full and half-height 10" rolling acoustic baffles allow creation of any booth or desired differentiation of the large space. 

Additionally, Studio A is home to a Yamaha GH-1 acoustic grand piano. 

"At 5’3″ in length, the GH-1 is large enough to provide a full and strong tone while taking up a small amount of room. It could quite possibly be the ideal professional-grade piano for a small-room setting. It’s a very satisfying musical instrument, with a classic Yamaha tone: Crisp and clear, but with a deep and resonant bass that provides ample body."

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Control Room

A well-appointed control room with a variety of quality pre-amps, 

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Studio B (Pre-Production and Isolation Booth)

Functioning as both a pre-production writers room and an isolation booth for the adjacent live floor, Studio B has a small footprint which includes a production desk, computer, 38" monitor, Protocols Studio, and a two-channel interface with Never pre-amps for inputting analog signal chains. 

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