CO-OP Memberships

Join our Membership program today and help us continue to support our Canadian Musicians. 


Everyone is welcome to obtain a general creator or general consumer membership. Professional memberships are approved by application only.

All of our Members are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which takes place each fall.

Industry Stakeholder


Typically tends to be government or government agency organizations. Can also be national or international in scope and membership.

Industry Association

Creating partnerships and opportunities to work together and build common ground is one of our key values in working with other industry associations.


General Creator

Looking to master your craft and collaborate with like-minded artists in your spare time? Our General Creator category is what you’re looking for! 

Professional Creator

Build and grow a life-long, sustainable career that you control.  All members are owners of the co-operative and help make strategic decisions about the kind of help you receive and what supports you want and need.


General Consumer

If you love music and want to get involved behind the scenes, you can sign up to volunteer with one of our teams or committees.

Professional Consumer

Our professional consumer group is for people who buy or license music for use in broadcasts, music-on-hold services, venues, festivals, and other commercial/professional applications. 

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