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"The show in Barrie was fabulous. Everything about the event was great- it started on time, actually even had a pre show performance, the music was non stop, had a well-timed intermission, incredible energy throughout, wide variety of music and the performers were so talented."

"I was amazed watching the performers alternate seamlessly from one instrument to another and from leads to background vocals."

"Thanks for bringing this show to town! I am confident it created a memorable summer night for all the individuals and families in attendance."

"The Emerging Artist Program gives aspiring artists the opportunity to learn from and connect with real industry professionals. While part of the program, artists belong to a community where everyone is committed to finding success in the music industry. And the inspiration, collaboration, and friendship that comes with that is invaluable!"

Host Community Benefits

The Emerging Artist Showcase is provided to the residents and tourists in the host community at no charge to the audience at the point of delivery. This is made possible by a substantial financial investment from the Government of Canada which pays for the artistic fees for both the rehearsal period and each community performance along the tour.


Performers are available in the afternoon for media interviews and any public speaking engagements that may be desired. Media assets - such as photo and video - from the performance are also available for the Host community to use in marketing and publications for their community needs.

The host community is only responsible for the cost of production/our technical requirements for the presentation at your facility. We even pay for the SOCAN licensing for the performance!


Each season, audiences look forward to enjoying this showcase with original Canadian works, presented alongside familiar crowd favourites, in a memorable and highly-professional presentation.

Benefits for Youth Participants

The Showcase Tour provides each of the youth in the cast and crew with valuable professional touring experience, preparing them for their careers in a way that can only be achieved through experiential learning.

Each of the new Canadian works presented have been composed by members of the cast, and the tour provides a high-value premiere of their work, high-quality media assets for future promotion, as well as SOCAN royalties generated.

The casting and rehearsal process for the Showcase mirrors most professional productions. Youth learn to meet time-sensitive expectations and elevate their abilities to meet the challenge.

The Emerging Artist Showcase is the season finale for the exceptional youth artists in the summer intensive programs at The Co-op. The cast have been working full time to master their craft and put into practice the high level of professional development the program affords; including workshops with leading Canadian music industry experts.

Our cast and crew represent many equity-seeking youth in Canada, including the LGBTQ2+ community; people with disabilities; and neurodivergent, visible minority and indigenous youth.

The Emerging Artist Showcase is a 3.5 hour production featuring a crowd-pleasing mix of favourite hits and new Canadian works, brilliantly produced and bundled into a SOCAN-licensed, high-level production which has amazed and entertained audiences since 2018.

The Emerging Artist Showcase Tour

Coming to a stage near you this summer!

What's the difference between the Emerging Artist Program and the Pre-Professional Program?

The biggest difference between the two programs is the complexity of content being discussed during training (e.g., preparing for international export vs. booking a show, writing a strategic release plan vs. writing a bio). Emerging Artists will have the opportunity participate in the Showcase Tour. Emerging Artists will also be held to a far higher standard for completing materials identified throughout the program for their own artistry (e.g., a strategic plan). The Emerging Artist Program is also expected to be longer in length (pending funding announcement).

Can I apply to both the Emerging Artist Program and the Pre-Professional Program?

If you would like to be considered for both programs, only apply for the Emerging Artist Program. There is a field within the application where you can identify you would like to be considered for both programs. To be considered for both programs, you must submit all supplementary application requirements for the Emerging Artist application.

I heard you have to be a member to get a job.  Is that true? 

No preference is given to current or previous members, regardless of whether they have previously been a participant of the Emerging Artist or Pre-Professional Program.

Returning applicants will be expected to detail their growth following previous completion of the program/previous application cycle.

Where will performances take place? 

Participants animate public spaces and places like town squares, the beach, dock or marina, public parks, community centers, small business openings, charitable events, summer festivals, community celebrations, and other local events.  *Due to COVID-19, in-person performance is subject to municipal and provincial guidelines. When in-person performance is not possible, artists perform on the Co-op's livestream site.  

Why do I need to bring my own device for this job?

For payroll purposes, you will need a mobile device with data to punch in and out at performance locations without WIFI service. It's a requirement you must maintain throughout your employment. Laptops may be available for participants who do not have reliable access to a computer.

Artists will also be responsible for ensuring they have all the gear necessary for performances in the community (battery-powered amplification is optional, but highly recommended).

What is a "constituency"? 

Each funded position is tied to a federal political jurisdiction called a "constituency", also known as a "riding". This is where your work is funded to take place.  When in-person performances are permitted, this is the location you will physically perform in.  Online digital performances are targeted for delivery to serve your constituency location.

What is a "cohort"?

A cohort is a group of artists who have been identified to have similar learning goals, needs, and stages of their development. Participants spend a large portion of online training time with their cohort group, but still have plenty of opportunity to get to know other artists within the program.

I heard you have a recording studio - is that true?

We are in the process of building a Digital Livestream Studio/Rehearsal space, and collaborative learn/work at the facility in Barrie, ON.   This studio will have enhanced COVID-19 safety protocols and provide and opportunity for participants to deliver high quality, professional livestream performances, and collaborate with each other easily. The studio is expected to open mid-2022. 

I'm still in secondary school.  Can get a credit for this summer work experience?

If your secondary school offers summer co-ops, then you can apply to them to earn a 2 credit summer co-op. You can also apply to your school principal under PPM129 to count your summer learning experience as a business or music credit, or both.  Each credit you apply for must document 110 hours of learning towards a specific course curriculum


What do others think of the Emerging Artist Showcase?

Are you looking for cost-effective, family-friendly entertainment for your community this season?

Does your community have a desire to support and uplift equity-seeking youth in the Arts and Culture sector?

Would you like to make your community's established budget go a lot further this year?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then take a minute to watch the video below!

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