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Everyone and anyone is qualified to get food from the No More Starving Artist program. Sign up to our general memberships place your order in advance and access our Members Shop. 

What is this?

Co-op members and artist members of the community can now access free food seven days a week. This food is provided for your personal consumption; it cannot be redistributed or sold under any circumstances.

Who can get this?

Everyone and anyone is qualified to get food from the No More Starving Artist program. Come place your order in advance at our Members shop.

Types of Food You Can Choose

Please click on a "Category" below to start your free online order for pick up. Once you have navigated inside, add the items you want to your cart. Your cart will appear on the right hand side once you've added an item to your cart. After you are ready to check out, please select a pick up time by heading over to the "Pickup Times" page! Once you have a pickup time, you can then "Check Out".






Pet Food


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Here are some statistic for the NMSA program:


We have rescued over 65,000 lbs of food, which would otherwise be wasted, translating to over $65,000 of value.

Environmental Impact

With the No More Starving Artist Program, we have diverted over 50,000 pounds of greenhouse gases. 



So far, we have provided over 12,500 meals to the artistic community, free of charge.


We enjoy partnerships with multiple companies, big and small, all across the world

Frequently Asked Questions:

Still have questions on scheduling or food pick up? Contact or call 705-999-8547 x 333

Q:  When can I access free food on a drop-in basis? 

We have expanded our pick up schedule and are open for pick ups seven days per week (excluding Statutory and Civic Holidays.) Be sure to add a pick up date/time to your cart before you check out as we only do 'same' or 'next day' pick up!

Q:  Where do I drop off the food?

 We cannot accept drop off donations from the public. If you are a food producer, distributor, retailer or restaurant, please email to make arrangements for secure pick up.  

Q: Are you a "Food Bank"? 

Our Food Rescue program provides nutritious food on a "just in time" basis to the community, and we move donations through our system and into the hands of recipients quickly without storing food onsite. We also do not repackage items.

Q: Can I resell the food I collect from you?

No, the food we provide to you is for your own consumption. It is not permitted to be sold under ANY circumstances.

Q: Can I re-gift the food I collect from you?

You are welcome to share with friends and family; however, you cannot redistribute to organizations, charities, or other distribution methods. For organizations that wish to support us in rescuing food, please contact us to apply to sign a redistribution agreement.

Q: Do I have to proof that I cannot afford to buy food? 

Our program is an environmental initiative that provides food to all who wish to participate with dignity and ease. We would request your name, and contact info in case we need to communicate about a recall item, or upcoming pick up opportunities. We will also ask for your artistic practice info. - such as a website or group affiliation. No other information is required.

Q: How do I volunteer?

To get involved as a volunteer or sponsor of this innovative and urgently needed program, please contact for more information.

Q: How do I make a cash donation? 

Please call us at ext. 333 or email   Please note we are a not-for-profit, not a charity, so we do not issue charitable receipts.  (If you would like a charitable receipt, we would refer you to our friends at the Barrie Food Bank.)

Q: What if I can't get there to pick up when you are open?

Please call us at ext. 333 or email and we will do our best to manage a time that will work for you.  

* The No More Starving Artists program cannot accept unsolicited food donations. Please do not leave food at our front door as it attracts animals and cannot be processed in the establishment in this way. *


No More Starving Artists Program

​Co-op members and artist members of the community  now access free food seven days a week.