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Board of Directors

Jason Kerr

Consumer Representative

Jason brings solid financial and business expertise to our Board of Directors. 

Meaghan Gauthier

Consumer Representative

As a professional educator and live music enthusiast, Meaghan brings diverse experience and skills. 

Heydon George

Creator Representative

Stage manager, professional side man, and the one true jack of all trades.

Tori Hathaway

Creator Representative

Tori has been in the industry since 2011, and studied Music Business and Production formally from 2013-2017 through the Berklee College of Music.

Sarah Melody

Industry Representative

Songwriters Association of Canada RWG

Rosemarie O'Brien

Industry Representative

Past President, Festivals and Events ON

The Canadian Musicians Cooperative is governed by a Board of Directors representing all three stakeholder groups. Our inaugural Board was appointed at the time of incorporation and is serving an initial two or three-year term.

Our model is a "Policy and Governance" board, providing necessary oversight and setting long-term policy and fiscal direction.

Council of Officers

Tori Hathaway

Leadership Team Officer

Tori has been in the industry since 2011, and studied Music Business and Production formally from 2013-2017 through the Berklee College of Music.

Susan Kohring

Communications Officer,

Leadership Team

Owner of Three Apples, and with over 30 years of experience in communications, Susan is a key member of the leadership team

Brendan Culver

Human Resources Officer, 

Leadership Team

Brendan is one of our HR team members, and also a Professional Bagpiper, car enthusiast, and wannabe guitar player.

Heydon George

Artist Services Officer,

Leadership Team

If you are a creator, reach out to Heydon to get your priorities on the table and acted on quickly. He knows how to get things done!

Lillian Romero

Food Rescue Officer

Lilian is a dedicated volunteer who is excited about the possibilities for the No More Starving Artists program!

Dylan Cheshire

Education Officer

Dylan is a professional educator, who also enjoys writing retro-surf tunes when he's not on his board riding waves. 

Sarah Melody

Health and Wellness Officer

Owner and Yogi at Anahata Yoga in Barrie. Sarah is a longtime wellness advocate.

Cooper Allen

Corporate Services Officer

While simultaneously running Six String Management, Cooper makes the time to edit and draft new policies and procedures.

Katherine Chabot

Special Events and Projects

With a background in events management, the creator of Paige's Passion shares her knowledge and talents with the team

The Council of Officers focuses on the value the Co-op brings to the community, defining standards, expectations, and performance outcomes according to the aspirations of the organization.Clarifying and setting outcomes and creating and delivering programs to achieve success are the primary duties of the Council of Officers who meet formally, six times per year.


Appointed by the Board of Directors, Council members serve a two-year, renewable term of office. They are the substance of our organizational capacity and provide quarterly reports to the Board of Directors. Council members with an (*) are interim appointments until the next AGM or Board meeting where they will be formally approved.

Council members each chair an optional council sub-committee in their area of interest, expertise, or geographic location. If you have an interest in joining a committee, please reach out to the appropriate chairperson.

Program Officers
Discipline Chairpersons

Jax Brun

Discipline Chair  - Voice

Lyric Dubee

Discipline Chair  - Guitar

Jamie Stephens

Discipline Chair - Production

Mark Wylie

Durham Region

Colin Sankey

Vancouver Region

Braden Foulkes

Ottawa Region

Regional Chairpersons
Regional Chairpersons
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